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 We manufacture cement coated EPS ( high density foam ) for architectural embellishments such as window bands, arches, quions, crown moldings and columns.  This new, innovative product saves contractors time and money while adding to the overall value of the property. Sun-Rock precoated architectural products are designed to add charm and provide permanent enhancements  for your special project

We specialize in foam concrete design, take a look at our products developed with a proprietary concrete formula

Since 1978, Sun-Rock has  pioneered the coated-foam industry.  Today, Sun-Rock products can be found on thousands of up-scaled residential and commercial properties. Our promise is to provided the best quality products

We are located right off of Anclote road in Tarpon Springs , Florida

5 Year Warranty against cracking or peeling

32 Years of Coating Performance : Single ,Double or Triple cementation's coating is selected by application criteria for hardness and durability.

Permanent Architectural Enhancement : for all stucco and EPS construction. Sharp architectural definition is retained.

Finishes : Smooth, Stucco-sand, Keystone, and Custom finishes are available choices for customer, architect, or designer. These custom products are hand crafted with close attention to design detail, working from your drawings, blueprints or specifications

Sun-Rock looks and feels like rock: Other coatings, even those with acrylic modifiers, seldom have adequate surface hard-ness without mesh to take impact. Only urethane and epoxy coatings rival our standard hardness

High density EPS foam: Accepts mechanical fasteners, miters like wood, and provides solid structure.

UV Protection : Most competitors depend on paint for UV protection. Unpainted SUN-ROCK does not deteriorate from exposure to weather elements, and may be used as is for the stone look

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