Sun-Rock Inc was established in 1978. We are family owned Christian based company with a heart to help others. In 1978 Sun-Rock was among those that pioneered what was called 'The Coated-Foam Industry".

Today, Sun-Rock products can be found on thousands of up-scaled residential and commercial projects. We manufacture products that can enhance and add value to your new or existing structure.

Sun-Rock manufactures a cement coated EPS (High Density Foam) for architectural designs such as; window bands, arches, quoins, crown molding and columns. Previously, much more expensive materials were used such as; wood, stone, fiberglass, stucco or cast concrete.

Our innovative product is unique in that it is environmentally safe, it can be assembled quickly on-site, it is versatile and durable, and has almost an endless supply of possible mold designs. Our product saves time and money for building contractors and home-owners while adding value to the property.

Sun-Rock architectural products are designed to provide permanent, individualized enhancements for a variety of structures.

Through our new initiative called the the "ARK PROJECT", we are able to quickly assemble a temporary shelter in a crisis, right on-site, that will provide the dweller with a structure that is dry, fire resistant, wind resistant and insulated from both heat and cold.

Our goal is to establish our reputation for our revolutionary building design enhancements and immediate crisis housing both here in the United States as well as overseas.


We are a Christian based company. We believe that relationships are the foundation of any successful company. We cultivate these relationships with our employees as well as through our business endeavors. We strive to build relationships of hope and stability by using insightful thinking and having a heart to help others.

We are committed to providing architectural structural designs that are unique, efficient as well as economical. These embellishments add beauty as well as value to a new or existing structure.

Our recent initiative is the 'Ark Project' which was created to assist those in crisis who have an immediate need for housing. We are very excited about this new initiative for 2016.
Our "Innovative & Efficient" architectural cornices, columns, moldings, trims and window encasements are an economical alternative to conventional building designs and structures.  The addition of our affordable, lightweight and movable "Immediate Emergency Housing" are all key factors in the vision of Sun-Rock Inc.

Whether you are updating or altering your existing home, condominium, apartment complex, office, commercial building or are in immediate need of emergency shelter for equipment or people - Sun Rock, Inc. can provide solutions that will stand the test of time.


Our innovative products save contractors and homeowners, time and money while adding value to their properties.

Sun-Rock proprietary coating not only looks and feels like stone but it has U.V. protection that will not deteriorate when exposed to any type of weather regardless of the climate conditions. Our EPS (high density foam) is designed to be cut and mitered just like wood, accepts mechanical fasteners and provides a solid sturdy structure that will last years.

You can choose from designs that we have readily available which include a variety of columns, balustrades, shutters and medallions or we can use your drawings, blueprints or specifications. Custom finishes are available for our clients, architects and designers. We customize each and every design by hand, paying close attention to detail and workmanship.

We want our client's to be totally satisfied with the designs we create so, we offer a 5-YEAR Warranty against cracking or peeling on any of our coating and permanent architectural enhancements.
*See our 'Gallery' for examples of some of the designs we are able to provide.*


The ARK Project was designed to be used as emergency housing for crisis housing situations.  Affordable, light weight and easy to assemble, the Ark can be built virtually anywhere.

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